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Self Service Mobile Menu starter setup.

Stage 1

Start Setup of Mobile Menu Account::

Welcome to the quick registration as Mobile Menu user.

Your account, when completed, will allocate a USSD number to you and allow you to receive contacts by Mobile Menu when callers dial your own USSD number.

You may publish this number on your website, printed material or packaging, for example.

For verification you will need

  1. to have your South African cell phone ready to make a Mobile Menu call
  2. access to your email account to retrieve a verification key
  3. to choose your own username and password

The steps on this page are

(some steps are hidden to start off with)

  1. enter your cell phone number
  2. click on Check Cell Code
  3. dial *120*878*2# to fetch your verification code
  4. enter your verification code at Submit Cell Verification Code
  5. click on continue
  6. enter a username
  7. enter a password
  8. click on Check Vericodes
Step 1:
Enter your Cellnumber
Step 4:
Submit Cell Verification Code
Step 6:
Step 7:
 Submit Email Verification Code  
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